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    Trgomen Nekretnine

    Trgomen Nekretnine
    Dositeja Obradovića 77, 36000 Kraljevo

    “Trgomen Nekretnine” from Kraljevo is a family business company since 2011, which is equally dedicated to its owners, employees, clients, suppliers, environment and society. Aside the growth of the company, the family is always a focus of their thinking, communication with clients and interpersonal relations.

    “Trgomen Nekretnine” company emerged from “Trgomen” company, which was dealing with construction and real estate. From the moment the company split in 4 compartments, the company “Trgomen Nekretnine” overtook the real estate business line. It was founded with the aim to be focused exclusively on construction of residential and business buildings in compliance with universal standards, providing both, selling and renting services. The young and perspective management has brought the company to the intensive development phase. There is a clear segregation of duties and responsibilities which sets this company at the high level position in the business world.

    Business complex “Ziegel House” in Belgrade is the newest project of “Trgomen Nekretnine” company. Beside this project, the company is currently focused on the residential-business project “Pegaz Holiday Resort” in Vrnjačka Banja. Highly motivated staff and constant efforts to obtain high quality products and services represent the bases of the company in different business areas.